Issues and Debates For Unit 3 AQA Psychology Now Covered

If you are studying unit 3 of AQA psychology and the new specification then you will also need to learn “Issues and debates

This is covered fully on Loopa at this direct link:

Issues and Debates Unit 3 AQA Psychology (7182)

The following is covered in this guide:


  • Gender and culture in psychology including universality and bias:
    • Gender bias (alpha bias, beta bias, androcentrism, universality)
    • Cultural bias (alpha bias, beta bias, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism)
  • Free will and determinism (hard determinism, soft determinism; biological, environemntal and psychic determinism). The scientific emphasis on causal explanations.
  • The nature-nurture debate; the relative importance of heredity and environment in determiniing behaviour; the interactionist approach.
  • Holism and reductionism: levels of explanation in psychology. Biological reductionism and environmental reductionism (stimulus-response reductionism).
  • Idiographic and nomothetic approaches to psychological investigation
  • Ethical implications of research studies and theory, including reference to social sensitivity.

Hope this helps!




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