Aggression Model Essay Answers

unit-3-aggression-model-essay-answers-7182AQA Psychology

Hi guys,

Just a short update to let people know my Aggression model essay answers are now available for the new specification AQA psychology unit 3 exam (7182)¬†over on Aggression has been updated in this new spec and although there is a lot of content that has come over from the old spec; it’s required a whole new re-write to implement the changes.

The aggression topic now consists of the following possible questions:

  • Neural and hormonal mechanisms in aggression, including the role of the limbic system, serotonin and testosterone.
  • The ethological explanation of aggression, including reference to innate releasing mechanisms and fixed action patterns.
  • Evolutionary explanations of human aggression.
  • Social psychological explanations of human aggression including the frustration-aggression hypothesis
    • Social learning theory as applied to human aggression
    • Deindividuation explanation of aggression
  • Institutional aggression in the context of prisons: dispositional and situational explanations
  • Media influences on aggression including the effects of video games
    • The role of desensitisation, disinhibition and cognitive priming.

All of these possible essays are covered in this updated ebook with all the theory (ao1) and evaluation (ao3) you need to score well.

Any questions you can contact me on Loopa for further help.


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